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Samsung My Knox

Samsung  My KNOX


My KNOX Samsung’s app provides security, privacy and productivity to your mobile model work. It allows you to securely access work email and apps company Samsung in a personal terminal, in addition to using their mobile safe to search, lock or delete it remotely in case of loss or theft tools.


With My KNOX, you can enter the work email and apps by the company since you absolutely certain device. Personal data and apps are out of this space safe work and are 100% private. All data Samsung My KNOXse have encrypted form eta will be much safer and productive access mail and company applications. You can enjoy all these features without IT administrator should provide support.

Samsung My KNOX is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of enterprise security. In other words: it does not work on terminals with root access or which has run a custom operating system.

My Samsung KNOX creates a safe and productive work space within the device

My Samsung KNOX creates an independent and secure environment in the terminal so you keep it all work-related data. This way you will be assured that will not mix with personal data. Apps that are outside the My KNOX environment can not access data that environment (and vice versa).



1- Comfort: Samsung My KNOX combines two terminals in each allow access to your personal and work data on the same phone

2 – Easy configuration: we have created for professionals, so that any assistance is not required by the IT administrator

3 – Applications for free and effective: My preloaded on Samsung KNOX

4 – Increased security: security hardware and software that provides several layers of projection for the operating system and apps

5- Privacy Mayor: securely isolates data and private apps everyday content.


What’s New

“Folder Organization” is the new default view Samsung My KNOX, her customers can instantly access the most used apps.


1 – “Indispensable as saving me having to carry two devices and security architecture fits perfectly with our company.”

2 – “It’s a wonderful app. It’s great to be able to guarantee the privacy of my confidential data.”

3 –  “100% recommendable”.

In the User Portal Samsung My KNOX you can manage remotely the terminal:


1- Find Now: if you lose your mobile phone, the Samsung customer portal My KNOX you can locate through Google Maps

2 – Block terminal: if you lose your phone, you can remotely lock it so no one can access it until you recover

3 – Remove device: remotely reset the factory settings Smartphone (all data, not just Samsung My Knox)

4 – Block Knox: remotely lock the environment Samsung My Knox, instead of all mobile

Including applications that promote productivity

My Samsung Knox has other apps mail, calendar, contacts, music, video playback and more. You can add your personal space applications during installation. Preinstalled apps can vary depending on the model and mobile operator.

Visit for more information about products of Samsung Knox. Visit for technical assistance related to Samsung My Knox.


Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print


With the Samsung Mobile Print app you can print, scan or fax wirelessly from your mobile Android, tablet or any other Android compatible terminal with any Samsung laser printer.

Samsung Mobile Print allows you to print or fax the majority of digital content, such as Office documents, PDF, images, emails, web pages and even the content of your social networking sites. The contents will be in your terminal more easily.


The app supports scanning from the multi-functional device and saving network in various formats such as PDF, JPG or PNG. Share your scanned documents will be a click away.

key features


1 – client Intuitive action bar style.

2 – Automatic detection of supported network devices.

3 – It will let you select multiple images and press to crop or rotate.

4 – Supports multiple image sizes on a page.

5 – Print documents fax or email / / email attachments / web / graphics pages.

6 – Supports content in Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Box and Facebook.

7 – Scan from flatbed or ADF and save as PDF, PNG, JPG.

8 – Print or scan pages as large as A3 *.

9 – Share to open any content supported by any other application.

10- In the corporate environment supports security features such as job accounting, printing confidential and safe release.

11 – Integration Service Support automatic toner ordering (USA only).


Furthermore, this app only supports Samsung printers, scanning and faxing is only compatible with printers N / W supported. Printing can be done from the printers connected through print server or shared. Maximum print and scan size depends on the size of material compatible with the terminal. If you use the CJX-1050W / CJX-2000FW printer, install “Samsung Mobile printing photos” instead of this app.

List of compatible models

* M2020 / 2070 / 283x / 288x / 262x / 282x / 267x / 287x / 4370/5370/4580 Series

* C410 / 460/1810/1860/2620/2670 / 140x / 145x / 4820 Series

* CLP-300 / 31x / 32x / 350/360/610/620/660/670/680/770/775 Series

* CLX-216x / 316x / 317x / 318x / 838X / 854X / 9252/9352 / 92×1 / 93×1 Series

* ML-1865W / 2150/2160/2165/2250/2525 / 257x / 2580 / 285x / 2950 / 305x / 3300 / 347x / 331x / 371x / 405x / 455x / 551x / 651x Series

*SCX-1490/2000/320x/340x/4623/4×21/4×24/4×26/4×28/470x/472x/4×33/5×35/5×37/6545/6555/8030/8040/8123/8128 Series

* SF-650, SF-760 Series

Details of permissions:

Here we show you the details about Samsung Mobile Print permissions for the application you are using.

READ_CONTACTS: To select the fax number from the address book.

READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARK: To display markers on Web Printing.

GET_ACCOUNTS: To display the registered email printing and print contents of Google Drive accounts.

USE_CREDENTIALS: For printing from Google Drive.

CAMERA: To use the camera.

INTERNET: For any communication network.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To write on the SD card.

NFC: For direct connection between the mobile device and printer

Vibration: To notify when NFC label was read correctly


S Health

S Health


Manage your physical activities, track their weight and control your diet and terminals Samsung Galaxy Gear. The app is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices from S3 onwards , also included are some third-party Android terminals.

The S Health app has essential functions so you can keep fit and healthy body. It will record and analyze your daily activities and habits to help you follow a proper diet to have a healthy lifestyle. Whether you walk as if you run, if you hike, if you ride bike, or play sports indoors or outdoors, you can incorporate different activities and physical exercises as well as track in one step using the various integrated monitors you can record the step count activity with pedometer.


S Health helps you create a pattern of balanced lifestyle through various data log: food intake, caffeine and water. Register your details daily intake of snacks, food, water and caffeine and have monitored diet and weight on the fly while you relax, using monitors sleep and stress. Manage health and environmental records such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, stress, weight and SpO₂  using integrated sensors and third-party devices.

Monitors allow the user to easily and quickly very important data based on their preferences manner. The intuitive graphics, useful tips and exercise programs will serve to achieve your diet goals and fitness. You can also customize the panel by adding or removing targets.

Exercise programs such as 0 to 5 Km and 5 Km Run, among others, are designed to improve your career. On the other hand you will have voice prompts that guide you during training, you can listen to music while doing exercise.

You can compete with your friends and classification. You can compete with your friends in the address book once you register your Samsung account. In the “Challenges” section, you can choose your own opponent and compare their steps with people of different age groups around the world.


Stay informed about daily health news. Keep your body strong and healthy with the advice you give professionals the best applications salud.Descubre health and fitness that can be connected to S Health. Many applications, including “Nike +”, “Technogym” and “Coach by Cigna” can be linked to S Health. You can track and manage in one place data relating to each application you diet, your health and exercise you perform.

It may be that some Smartphone and tablets are not compatible and that some features may not be available depending on the region, service provider or terminal. S Health requires Android OS 4.4 or higher.

The S Health app has more than 70 languages, including English, French and Chinese. Version is available in English for the rest of the world.

S Health is designed only to control your state of wellness and fitness, and is not indicated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.


S Health protects your private health data and keeps them safe. The service supports S Health with Knox will be available on all models of Samsung Galaxy launched from August 2016, starting with the Galaxy Note7. Remember that the S Health service compatible with Knox not be available in terminals whose operating system has been altered.


Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear


The app Samsung Gear connected to the mobile terminal, and manages and monitors features Samsung Gear and Gear apps installed with Apps.


You can use the Samsung Gear app to configure and manage the following functions:

1- Connection and disconnection of a Smartphone

2- Software Updates

3- Setting the Clock

4- Download and configuration app

Gear Location 5-

6- Notification type and configuration, etc.

Samsung Gear installs the app on your phone, Samsung Gear associate with a Bluetooth connection and start enjoying all of its features, the Samsung Gear app is not compatible with tablets. Compatible terminals may vary by region, operator and brand mobile.

※ The settings and features provided by the Samsung Gear app available only find if Samsung Gear is connected to the terminal. The operation of these functions will not be correct without a proper connection between the terminal and Samsung Gear.

※ Support Resolution: 1920×1080 (FHD), 1280×720 (HD), 960×540 (qHD), 2560×1440 (WQHD), 800×480 (WVGA), 1280×800 (WXGA)

※ This application is only for Gear S2.

Samsung Internet for Android

Samsung Internet for Android

Version 4 of Internet Samsung has a few new features and exciting

S7 Edge, S7, Note5, S6 Edge +, S6 Edge, S6, active S6, Note 4, S5, S5 Neo, active S5, S5 Sports, S5 LTE A, Note 3, S4, S4 Duos, S4 Active, S4 LTE A , A7, A8, A5X, A7x, and A9X with Android 5.0 or higher.

For more information, visit



Keep the navigation security and privacy into their own hands. Samsung Secret Internet Mode will help you protect your security and privacy while browsing the web. Accessible only after user authentication, secretly, never reveal navigation data. You can opt for the use of fingerprint authentication when entering secretly for greater security.

More comfortable

Samsung Internet gives you less visual clutter in your everyday browsing. Leverages content blocking extensions to free their content websites unnecessary.

NOTE: Samsung does not provide Internet content blocking filters; separate applications for these filters need to be installed.

Better integrated with Samsung devices

The app Samsung Internet aims to provide a consistent customer experience and continuous between different terminals Samsung. Samsung Gear VR internet lets you enjoy web content (including 3D video streaming and 360˚) in an immersive environment. Internet Samsung Android Gear VR are tightly integrated so you can access your favorite web content more easily.



1- Secret Mode : Enabled only under client authentication. The secret way a trail of your navigation data never leaves.

2 – Secure Web Auto Login: On terminals equipped with fingerprint scanners, Samsung Internet gives you a simpler and safer way to access the sites form.

3 – Quick Access Quick Access page lets you visit your favorite sites with one click. The default sites listed are selected based on countries, carriers, etc. to offer a more intimate experience. (You can set homepage)

4 – Cards Content: The content cards are shown on page shortcut, recommends web content dynamically, allowing access useful and interesting content more easily.

5 – Navigation Page: This version known regional terminals page “Top Sites” you can set it as homepage offer easy access to fun and useful sites.

6- Open here and bookmark sync: Sync open tabs and bookmarks with other accounts Smartphone by Samsung or Firefox. With Samsung account, saved pages are also synchronized.

7 – Content Blocker: Install 3rd party applications to allow blocking of content to surf the web with less clutter.

8 – Pop-Up Video: Watch videos online in a popup window to surf the web while playing videos.

9 – Video History: Review videos more easily with the history list video and managed separately. This list is also shared with Samsung Internet for VR gear so you can watch your favorite videos with one click, in a more immersive environment.

10- Promotion Banner Shortcut: Samsung recommends installing Internet shortcut to the sites you visit most often through notification flags.

11- Web Push: Receive push notifications from your favorite websites without installing their native apps.

12- Reader Mode and saved pages: reading mode presents items in a simple layout to be easier to read. The stored page save web pages in the terminal so you can check at your convenience, even when the phone is of line.

13 – Features Spen: Spen Handy features available on the terminals Galaxy Note and can be used to facilitate the scrapping or sharing Web content.

14 – Support KNOX: Samsung KNOX incorporates Internet security policies of the organization to provide access control to the Web.

15- Power Saving Mode Ultra: The Samsung Galaxy terminal provides a power saving mode and ultra emergency mode so that the battery life is extended. Samsung Internet is the only web browser that can be used in these modes.