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12 applications for your Samsung Galaxy S5

12 applications for your Samsung Galaxy S5

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1 – applications to full screen, giant size
Google Play Store has many apps that take full advantage of the large size of terminals Android.
screen 3 free to install on Samsung Galaxy S5:br your
apps to


Pinterest is an interactive, customizable image list and can be shared with friends. You will appreciate the quality of the photos and videos published.

b) – Skitch

with her can take notes, write down in photographs, share custom maps in a way free.

c) – Full Screen Caller ID – BIG!

With Full Screen Caller ID you can put face on all the numbers on your agenda. You can identify the person who calls you and take advantage of the big screen HD your Samsung Galaxy S5 to add pictures of your contacts.
2 – Apps to improve your photographs
terminals are gradually replacing traditional photographs cameras and share and view images is increasingly intense.
3 services indispensable in Android, Samsung Galaxy

a) – VSCO Cam
Cam VSCO operation is very simple: before storing the photographs you can edit them, add filters and retouching from menus minimalists.

b) – Pixlr Pixlr Express

Express has a variety of free and convincing functions as: settings, effects, overlay, borders, text and Stickers

c) – PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is another app for photography enthusiasts and you can apply some effects at the same time taking photos.

3 – Terminal water and dust resistant
If you terminal falls in the water will also continue to operate and the same thing happens with the dust.New uses to contemplate:

A) – Instagram

With Samsung Galaxy S5 you will be the first of your friends to publish photos from the water. This terminal is not for diving trips, but is compatible with the standard IP67, allowing taking pictures from the surface of the water or a few centimeters of depth. Sufficient To Achieve Your First selfie aquatic

B) – Nike

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is resistant to water and sweat.With Nike running you will be able to measure your performance of reliable and precise way.

C) – Foursquare

You can check-in of Foursquare originals in the top of a mountain, in a waterfall hidden in the forest, etc
4 – Games without so many technical requirements
With the Samsung Galaxy S5 you will be able to play any game.


Theme for Samsung S7 edge

Theme for Samsung S7 edge

Download in your terminal application Whatsapp to Samsun Galaxy, you will not regret.

The app Samsung edge S7 is not only an adornment to the main screen of your terminal normal since that the same has a large collection of themes and high definition wallpapers allowing you to develop and customize a theme that you only belongs to you

This application has the following features:

1- Item Collection: has more than a dozen of thematic categories, 3D, cartoons, technology, business, basic, fashionable, pets, animals, from DIY themes fresh among others. Everything you need can be found here.

2 – Impressive Screen background: you will have tens of thousands of high definition wallpapers that are updated each day and you can choose the one you like more, among them we have: celebrities, cartoons, sports cars, movies, abstract, and wallpaper live magic which were that your terminal has a new look each time you see

3 – Customization: With it you will have a size customizable of the app icon, time 3D, alert of the information, creating themes in line and a variety of tools to help you develop a theme that is truly unique.

Not you delay more and installed this app on your Smartphone