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What’s New in WhatsApp is a search engine for messages unique for iPhone

What’s New in WhatsApp is a search engine for messages unique for iPhone

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La nueva actualización de Whatsapp
WhatsApp has released the update 2.17.50 in the App Store and the novelty that brings is such that when you have you wonder how you ever managed without it so long. 
It is neither more nor less than something as simple as a searcher of messages that will allow you to find in a second that fragment of the conversation that you want to read. You ended up walking by sliding the screen to give with him! 
As is usual in WhatsApp this is a unique feature for iOS. In Android will have to wait a little to be able to enjoy it, although sooner or later will be implemented. 
This is not the only novelty in WhatsApp, in addition to this amazing feature has also incorporated a text format updated so that when you write a message you can press and hold on the text to select it and change the format to bold, italic or strikethrough what will be much easier. 
Also in the description of the news you will find the already classic “solving bugs” that will make you experience with the messaging application more used throughout the world is much more pleasant. 
Let us focus on the most important thing is the search for messages. If you click on each of the chats both individual and group , you can find information related to the conversation: states, shared material, etc. Now you can also press on “Chat search” or “Search” and a bar will appear with a magnifying glass to enter the term you want. 
It will be as a searcher of all life. Once written, the conversation moves to where it appears the word in question, which will be marked in yellow. It is quite simple and intuitive, no? Since then, better late than never



10 things you can do with Facebook Messenger

10 things you can do with Facebook Messenger

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10 cosas que puedes hacer con Facebook Messenger1 – you do not need a Facebook account

10 cosas que puedes hacer con Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger can be used without the need of a Facebook account. The only thing you need is to add your mobile number.

2 – You can share music
If you join your Facebook account to register on Spotify, you can use Messenger to share you only need to click on the icon ” ” in a chat and click on the option of Spotify that appears.

3 – Protects your privacy
Privacy is important and Messenger knows that is why encrypt your chats. When you open a conversation, click on Options and choose chat secret. And to your messages disappear you can mark the option by clicking on the Clock icon.

4 – Planning events
You can organize events for this, within a chat click on Options and select “Start a plan”, and only you must enter date and time as in the chats in groups.

5 – play!

10 cosas que puedes hacer con Facebook MessengerYou will be able to play games by clicking on the icon of the joystick that is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

6- Hide Messages
Facebook Messenger has its own filter to avoid spam messages. Are in the icon of the phone book in the bottom of the screen.

7 – nicks and themes
By default the appearance of Facebook Messenger is blue, you can change when you open a chat. Only deberáspulsar in options and change the color. And you can change your name for both you and your friends.

8 – Messenger Day

10 cosas que puedes hacer con Facebook Messenger It resembles the stories of Snapchat, with it you can share photos and videos with a duration of 24 hours. Just click on “Add to your day” or on the circle at the bottom of the screen and take a picture or record a video .

9 – Chatbots

10 cosas que puedes hacer con Facebook MessengerFacebook Want You use Messenger for business, so that you can maintain a conversation with one of the thousands of bots that exist. To access this click on the bar to search at the top and search among the list of suggested, or looking for a company such as Domino’s Pizza.

10 – Modifies the emoji
Facebook Messenger enables edit emojis with just by pressing them to change its size.