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IOS 11.4 beta 5 is now available

IOS 11.4 beta 5 is now available

Ya se encuentra disponible iOS 11.4 beta 5

We are waiting for iOS 12 and while it arrives we have the new beta version of iOS 11.4, that is, the fifth beta version of this operating system. The update is made one week after the previous one that was launched on May 7.

The Apple company has launched categorically this new operating system, which had already been presented on September 12 and which was released to customers on the 19th of the same month.

Among its main novelties we can mention a new redesigned Control Center and more practical, possibility of a single-hand keyboard, Apple Pay and the novel Do not disturb while driving. Next we will relate you in a disaggregated way the small changes that this newly released beta provides us with:

Among the novelties of the iOS 11.4 update is ClassKit for educational entities, which will accept the new features that were announced at the Apple company event on March 27 in Chicago.

It also incorporates features that were initially present in the beta version of iOS 11.3, but were eliminated before publication. For example, insert support for Messages in iCloud and for AirPlay 2 features, with the Apple TV available again in the Home app. For the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus there is a new wallpaper (PRODUCT) RED available, it is not available on the iPhone X.

The same audio content can be played in different rooms with AirPlay 2. On the other hand in the HomePod there is support for stereo sound, this is not yet available because the HomePod software is not available for developers.

Smatrtphones compatible with the new beta of iOS 11.4 beta 5

Ya se encuentra disponible iOS 11.4 beta 5

iOS 11 bluntly suppresses the possibility of working with 32-bit applications, which is why it has already begun to notify app developers of the need to update those applications in the WWDC of June 2017. The date is now available for these applications are adapted to the iPhone X.

Here we relate the compatible terminals with this version just launched.


1 – iPhone 5S

2 – iPhone 6

3 – iPhone 6 Plus

4 – iPhone 6S

5 – iPhone 6S Plus

6 – iPhone SE

7 – iPhone 7

8 – iPhone 7 Plus

9 – iPhone 8

10 – iPhone 8 Plus

11 – iPhone X


1 – iPad Mini 2

2 – iPad Mini 3

3 – iPad Mini 4

4 – iPad (2017)

5 – iPad Air

6 – iPad Air 2

7 – iPad Pro de 9.7″

8 – iPad Pro de 12,9″ (1ª generación)

9 – iPad Pro de 10.5″

10 – iPad Pro de 12,9″ (2ª generación)


1 – iPod touch ( 6th  generation)

Steps to access the public beta version

If you want to access this new iOS beta, you must be part of Apple’s public betas program, and you can download the new trial version in your terminal registered with the iOS 11 profile, either by iTunes or by the OTA option (Over The Air).



Without leaving WhatsApp you will be able to watch videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Without leaving WhatsApp you will be able to watch videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Sin salir de Whatsapp ya podrás ver vídeos de Facebook, YouTube e Instagram

WhatsApp the most famous messaging application in the world brings a very attractive update for all its customers. This application is used by more than 1.2 billion customers worldwide, which is why it has gradually incorporated new functions that are very useful for everyone.

In this latest version, which is available to download for free in the Store App, all Facebook videos or the Instagram application without having to leave it.

That is, you can not redirect externally and you can see the same, even if you have passed from one conversation to another.

This is a great advance for the application, which facilitates the consequent use of it.

It is important to remember that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all belong to Marck Zuckerberg, who lately has been on everyone’s lips, including the North American congress due to Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook.

Returning to the subject of the latest WhatsApp not only there is news when it comes to mission this type of video content, there are also changes for those who manage groups, which are very popular. The administrator of one can discard other administrators automatically, using the option “discard administrator”.

Not only that, but also administrators can grant permissions when configuring how group information is displayed, so that they can select who changes the description or icon. This prevents any client from making these types of changes.

A few days ago that the messaging app was in the pillory for a bug that disabled the program itself, and in which customers were invited to not press a black circle that appeared, although the consequences were not at all disastrous .

All this has motivated WhatsApp to strive to build an increasingly functional application that can be at least as good as Telegram. That should be noted that WhatsApp sweeps in terms of number of users