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New Instagram update in a month

Not Instagram wants to be left behind

It is quite clear Instagram, did not want to stay in the queue for the social networks, why is tightening their developers to do updates and include new tools for editing the photos. Competition in the social networks refers is very wide, because Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others are lagging behind the first posts.

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Not Instagram wants to be left behind

Three new filters, three new editions and new options

Each time that Instagram updates its application is with many new developments, if a few weeks ago we reveled in two new filters, now do so with three more, that extend far beyond its options at the time of editing photos. The nomnres of the three filters are: Lark, Kings and Juno, are three filters that will make the picture clearer and brighter according to the developers. The Lark filter extends the shades of blue and green, the filter Kings gives a vintage and brushwork, the Juno filter enhances the greens, as well as the heat of the photograph.

Three new filters, three new editions and new options

It is clear that not all of the tools and filters that make up the app Instagram are used on a daily basis, therefore normally only used four to five filters and a couple of tools, for this reason, Instagram has willed that all the filters and tools can be ordered to the taste of the user, being in first position that are most commonly used and leaving in the last place that are not used.

The emojis enter scene in instagram

Since a long time ago until now, the emojis have been entering the WhatsApp talks and there have been past to Facebook and Twitter, because Instagram has not been left with their arms crossed, because it has integrated in your app the ability to search for Hashtags for half of the emojis. In the case of an American application, have been vetoed any of the emojis that there is, it was clear that they were going to censor the Emoji of eggplant as being related to the shape of a penis. It is incredible that in the century that we are, still the people to be able to take the hands to the head by these similarities.

The emojis enter scene in instagram

Changes in the interface

Apart from all of these developments, the interface has been changed to be more colorful and that navigation on the app easier and more attractive to the user, since before it was a little hard to take if you were new in the application. The changes are in the font that has been modified by a aesthetic with a more delicate and readable. The button like has also been modified, as well as the comments, that adapt to the new aesthetics of the interface.

Changes in the interface

What is clear is that Instagram does not want to be left behind in war by the first posts of social networks. It must be borne in mind that Instagram has more than 3000 millions of users, and that makes this ahead of twitter and that is why an upgrade to another does not pass over several weeks. Join the community of Instagram and learns curiosities as install Instagram for PC ,follow us on Whatsapp for Samsung.


Whatsapp going for the video-calls

It is about a new tool for WhatsApp

The rumours now that WhatsApp has the calls using Voip completely free, are all very good for users, since in different media have hinted that in the not too distant future, we will have our scope video-calls for that if you had any intention of changing their instant messaging app, be sure to have it. Install Whatsapp for Samsung and enjoy the new featrures.

Video Calls in whatsapp for samsung

These rumours tell that WhatsApp has been for some time now working on this issue. If we go into details, it is even rumoured that the employees of WhatsApp are already being tested internally.

First were the phones with the Android operating system that had the privilege of being able to enjoy your calls using VoIP in a manner that is totally free and now are the users of Apple operating system, the IOS that in a progressive way van to be able to use this service.

The video-call also will be free

Since then, this is not a novelty, as there are several applications for mobile devices that already have this tool as are Line or cablegram from for a long time and have done users migrate to WhatsApp to these applications.

The video-call also will be free- whatsapp samsung

Since Facebook bought this app, it has not ceased to give surprises, from the tics of reading of messages, so far the free calls. But since then that WhatsApp has not been left with their arms crossed, because now the rumors are that in the not too distant future be added a new tool to the App more famous of the world.

These rumours come from among others of a web page of technology called The Rem, which is hinted that are already being tested the betas of the video-calls among its own employees of the company. Stress that it also commented that these video-calls also would be free if the receiver and sender WhatsApp used the app, and the most surprising thing is that would list the new update with this tool for the month of May.

Whatsapp going for the video-calls

Competition is tough, but…

If so, the intention of WhatsApp is of fighting to remove users to other applications that have the same services, why Apple with its FaceTime, Hangoust of Google and Skype himself, pretending to look at the steps that is giving WhatsApp to avoid so customers to migrate to this application.


Instagram focuses on the Apple Watch

Good pictures in your wrist

With the imminent exit to the market of the new wearable of Apple, and with the expectation that is taking, the Apple Watch is giving people a lot to talk about. Instagram has not been left with their arms crossed, as it has already begun to work to make your social network of pictures, which has millions of users, have decided that also users of Apple Watch can lead in their dolls this social network.

Good pictures in your wrist

For this reason, Instagram has developed a special application to fit the screen of the watch and so be able to interact with your contacts of the social network, therefore, have had to reorganize and redesign the platform. It must be said that the adaptation of the social network Instagram has not been easy, as it must be taken into account that the resolution of the screens is 312 x 390 for the model 42mm, and 272 x 350 for the model of 38mm. The difficulty there is when you have to set the buttons to press the buttons on the screen and do not touch another area of the smartwatch and perform an action you don’t want.

Good pictures in your wrist instagram anda apple watx

The difficulty lies in where press

Ian Silber, the creator of the application for the Apple Watch has declared that the development of this software has been fun and with a problem that other. According to the developer, have had to be very concentrated and adhere much to the limits of the Watch, because they have been well-established and limited to be able to indicate the necessary information, by removing the unnecessary options, since the users only want a information clear, concise and important.

Instagram The difficulty lies in where press

We must remember that the Apple Watch will go on sale the next April 24 of 2015 and in it you can enjoy Instagram in your wrist.


Samsung already has 5G technology

With a transmission rate of 7.5 gigabits per second, Samsung is the head of technology with the 5G that is 30 times faster than the 4G

The south Korean Samsung have become to be the first to bring new technologies that in a not very near future will be used by the users of mobile telephony, as well as the users of mobile devices.

Samsung already has 5G technology

In the Movile World Congress held in Barcelona the first week of the month of March, the South Korea’s Samsung Electronics brand was pulled out of the pocket a letter with the presentation of the technology of fifth generation commonly called 5G by ensuring that multiplied by 30 the current technology used for mobile telephony networks 4G.

A partner for Samsung

Samsung and SK Telecom have partnered to the promotion of such technology called more technically “millimetre wave technology”. In his press conference, the two directors of the two companies were assured that the transfer speed of the 5G is 7.5Gbps (gigabytes per second), beating a lot of speed of the current transfer of data. This new technology works between frequency bands 30 and 300 GHz, this makes the data transfer is multiply by thirty, since the current technology works in bands below 6 GHz.

Samsung already has 5G technology

United by the technology

In the communiqué, ensured that they were going to continue working on I D (research and development) to be the first to provide this technology to users of mobile devices, to emerge as world leaders and ensure millions of customers.

Samsung already has 5G technology

In a short time the 5G will be released to the market and it is surely that is the hand of SK Telecom with the much more than collaboration of the South Korea’s Samsung, that has helped, and much to develop this technology.

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Screen 4K for the Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5: inches of super-resolution for all

With a screen of 5.9 inches and with a super-resolution of 2160×3840 is only reachable will be the delight of many of the users of the brand of Samsung. According to unofficial sources, this smartphone would be presented the second half of this same year, leaving behind the current Galaxy Note 4. It should be noted that the screen of the Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 2650×1440 and a pixel density of 386dpi, compared to the 746dpi and the display of 2160×3840 is only reachable of super-resolution with some brand new 5.9 inches.

Screen 4K for the Galaxy Note 5

August would be the date of manufacture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

According to these non-official sources, the manufacture of the 5.9 -inch screen would begin on the eighth month of this year (2015) to be submitted and put up for sale the following month, in September 2015. Many are the rumors that this may be as well, the Korean Samsung do not comment on rumors or information that are appearing in the different pages that discuss the technology of Samsung.

The processor to operate this wonderful display, would have to be a effectiveness and mammoth until now has been seen in smartphones, it is rumored that what would be 3gigabyte of RAM acompanads a considerable battery. There is to say that the future Galaxy S6 will not have the super-resolution of 4K, but is 2K. Although the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is of lower resolution, will be one of the screens with more resolution to be in the market, surpassing the iPhone 6, with a realism in the colors of the 91 %, and taking a brightness more realistic.

Screen 4K for the Galaxy Note 5

Two screens with great colors

In the final analysis, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 still not taking the same screen resolution, you will have the best screen phones in the market and Tablets, giving an advantage to the Korean Samsung factory between American Apple. Much will have to pay Apple to catch up to the height of Samsung in this aspect, but there is also to say that the dela apple have their own way of doing things and they don’t care if the competition they overcomes in technology, they always have a sah in the manga, but this time have it pretty difficult to overcome these screens with this super-resolution.


WhatsApp without phone number

Uses WhatsApp without phone number and Removes the WhatsApp your profile image

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WhatsApp without phone number

You know you can use the application of WhatsApp without attaching a phone number? The answer is yes, if you can use this app without having to use your phone number. Here we teach you the steps to follow to do so.

Removes the WhatsApp your profile image

  • The first step is the remove of the system the app WhatsApp, bone, uninstall the app saving the photos and videos that interest you to not lose them.
  • Restart your phone and verifies that the app has been completely eliminated. It is a good idea to run any application type Master Clean to clear the cache and ram to avoid crossing data with the new installation of WhatsApp.
  • Installs of new l the app WhatsApp.
  • Put your Smartphone in airplane mode to avoid that is connected to the internet.
  • Opens the app and add your mobile number. With this step we want to do is that the app does not send the verification message to the server of WhatsApp for registration. For this reason, we give you the option of an alternative registration, you’ll need to choose “check through SMS”. Enter your email and sends the request for registration. Very very important to act quickly followed by having sent the request, give him the “cancel” button, I repeat, “send” button and then “cancel” button very quickly to finalize the registration process.
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  • Opens your email and copy the message details in the app to distort. Send these details to the counterfeit verification.
  • Use of these data of your counterfeit message

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FROM: +(country code) (phone number)

Message: Your e-mail address.

  • Doing this, it sends a message to that unknown number for the registration, you can use this number substitute of yours.

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Removes the WhatsApp your profile image

Privacy in WhatsApp is something that many is concerned, not all users want it to be the public image to display in your profile. Girlfriends, friends, even strangers that delving into your intimacies and that is not pleasant for anyone, that is why we teach you to hide your profile image.

Uses WhatsApp without phone number

  • Seek on the app store’s application WhatsApp Plus since with this app you’ll have the option to hide the profile photo. Keep in mind that there are many app’s with this name, tries to find the most reliable and download of large retail stores and downloading App’s.
  • You can hide your profile photo, as well as those of your friends and even anonymous start conversations with your friends.



Samsung Galaxy S6 in Mobile World Congress

Samsung is releasing the Mobile World Congress

A few weeks of the beginning of the world congress on the most prominent mobile technology, Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Asian giant Samsung will present a new model of its better-known product. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the flagship of the brand direct competition from Apple. The Mobile World Congress will be held next March 2 to 5 in the flags of the fair of Barcelona situated in the town of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Since a few days ago, Samsung has begun to send out invitations to the world media to cover specialized information on the submission of new model of the Galaxy S6.

A few weeks of the beginning of the world congress on the most prominent mobile technology, Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Asian giant Samsung will present a new model of its better-known product. The Samsung S6 Galaxy is the flagship of the brand direct competition from Apple. The Mobile World Congress will be held next March 2 to 5 in the flags of the fair of Barcelona situated in the town of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Since a few days ago, Samsung has begun to send out invitations to the world media to cover specialized information on the submission of new model of the Galaxy S6

Invitation with elegance and curves

In such an invitation, the elegance premium above all, with a black background and with the profile view of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, it is necessary to emphasize the curved shape that has and will give a unique character to this smartphone. The slogan that follows the image is “What next”, suggesting that this will be the shape of the new device. The world premiere of this model of the brand that makes asian again believe in the growth that had taken years ago, and that from a few months ago, the American giant Apple has removed a market share and sales with the launch of its brand new iPhone 6, it must be remembered that Apple has sold 74.5 million units of the iPhone 6. With this, the Samsung want to ensure good sales before that Apple brings to market its next model iPhone 6s.

Invitation with elegance and curves

Small also have

Samsung not only competes with the apple, but with other smaller companies compete with smartphones of very good quality. These small companies are moving in the range of average quality / high and with prices well below those that present the Samsung and Apple. We must not forget to take into account other manufacturers such as Motorola, LG, HTC and Huawei, which are taking market share from Samsung taking advantage of the fact that they use the same operating system as the Galaxy.

Let us hope that this new model from Samsung is the click that revolutionize Apple smartphones by removing some of its hidden technology in their laboratories of D. I already know that Apple are very jealous with their projects of I D, for its future devices. Remember that with the release of the iPhone 6 there has been no leap prominent technologically spoken, just that the display is larger something that users shouting to.

Samsung and SmartWatch Apple

Samsung continues to strive for their smartphone, improving the high range. In the past topped the charts of sales above the iPhone. We’ll see if the launch of the new Smartwatch Apple help increase sales of the new iPhone 6S.