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Novedades de IOS

OS 11.4 brings you the last five news

OS 11.4 brings you the last five news

Novedades de IOS

The Apple company has released the update 11.4 and thus has launched the not surprising iOS 12. For many it is a small step of the previous update, however it has certain improvements that will make you want to update your terminal from this moment .

Here we relate the five most fascinating features with which iOS has wanted to surprise us in its version 11.4, making known the improvements in its features.

1 – Messages are supported in iCloud

Novedades de IOS

The loss of information has always been one of our biggest fears if we lose our terminal or have to format it. With the arrival of iCloud we could keep our files safe, except for the messages.

But this has changed since iOS 11.4 is presented with a functionality to synchronize Messages with iCloud. This means that not only will we have a secure backup of our conversations in the Apple cloud, but they will also be available in all the terminals that we have connected with the same ID.

To activate it when you have iOS 11.4 will be very simple, you must go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Message Switch.

2 – Unique wallpapers

Novedades de IOS

The new screen protectors of version 11.4 are prized for all the resolution of the screens of the new dterminles iOS., Shown first as part of the RED line of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

To activate them you will only have to search for a new wallpaper in Settings> Wallpaper> Images

3 – Airplay 2 with stereo for HomePod

Novedades de IOS

With Airplay 2 you can fuse two Home Pod speakers for multi-channel playback, now with support for stereo sound.

The new version of Airplay included in iOS 11.4 will allow you to play HomePod speakers individually, with the same or different content. In addition to coming with integration with Siri, which may be asked to play any music in any room we want.

4 – Support for ClassKit

Novedades de IOS

The Apple company introduced ClassKit, a tool to help teachers discover multimedia activities for their classes. According to the company, the idea is to take the students to the appropriate activities in a single touch, maintaining privacy and security.

From now on with the SchoolWork app integrated in iOS 11.4 it is much easier for teachers to manage their classroom and for students to control their assignments from their iPads.

5 – General Improvements

iOS 11.4 rectifies many problems including the famous “black dot” bug with which the terminal could be frozen, either an iPad or an iPhone, with a simple combination of emojis.

On the other hand iOS 11.4 has fixes for iMessages, CarPlay and others. In conclusion iOS 11.4 is a small update, which you want and should have right now on your Apple terminal.


Cambios en ios-01

IOS 11.4 beta 5 is now available

IOS 11.4 beta 5 is now available

Ya se encuentra disponible iOS 11.4 beta 5

We are waiting for iOS 12 and while it arrives we have the new beta version of iOS 11.4, that is, the fifth beta version of this operating system. The update is made one week after the previous one that was launched on May 7.

The Apple company has launched categorically this new operating system, which had already been presented on September 12 and which was released to customers on the 19th of the same month.

Among its main novelties we can mention a new redesigned Control Center and more practical, possibility of a single-hand keyboard, Apple Pay and the novel Do not disturb while driving. Next we will relate you in a disaggregated way the small changes that this newly released beta provides us with:

Among the novelties of the iOS 11.4 update is ClassKit for educational entities, which will accept the new features that were announced at the Apple company event on March 27 in Chicago.

It also incorporates features that were initially present in the beta version of iOS 11.3, but were eliminated before publication. For example, insert support for Messages in iCloud and for AirPlay 2 features, with the Apple TV available again in the Home app. For the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus there is a new wallpaper (PRODUCT) RED available, it is not available on the iPhone X.

The same audio content can be played in different rooms with AirPlay 2. On the other hand in the HomePod there is support for stereo sound, this is not yet available because the HomePod software is not available for developers.

Smatrtphones compatible with the new beta of iOS 11.4 beta 5

Ya se encuentra disponible iOS 11.4 beta 5

iOS 11 bluntly suppresses the possibility of working with 32-bit applications, which is why it has already begun to notify app developers of the need to update those applications in the WWDC of June 2017. The date is now available for these applications are adapted to the iPhone X.

Here we relate the compatible terminals with this version just launched.


1 – iPhone 5S

2 – iPhone 6

3 – iPhone 6 Plus

4 – iPhone 6S

5 – iPhone 6S Plus

6 – iPhone SE

7 – iPhone 7

8 – iPhone 7 Plus

9 – iPhone 8

10 – iPhone 8 Plus

11 – iPhone X


1 – iPad Mini 2

2 – iPad Mini 3

3 – iPad Mini 4

4 – iPad (2017)

5 – iPad Air

6 – iPad Air 2

7 – iPad Pro de 9.7″

8 – iPad Pro de 12,9″ (1ª generación)

9 – iPad Pro de 10.5″

10 – iPad Pro de 12,9″ (2ª generación)


1 – iPod touch ( 6th  generation)

Steps to access the public beta version

If you want to access this new iOS beta, you must be part of Apple’s public betas program, and you can download the new trial version in your terminal registered with the iOS 11 profile, either by iTunes or by the OTA option (Over The Air).



Without leaving WhatsApp you will be able to watch videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Without leaving WhatsApp you will be able to watch videos from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Sin salir de Whatsapp ya podrás ver vídeos de Facebook, YouTube e Instagram

WhatsApp the most famous messaging application in the world brings a very attractive update for all its customers. This application is used by more than 1.2 billion customers worldwide, which is why it has gradually incorporated new functions that are very useful for everyone.

In this latest version, which is available to download for free in the Store App, all Facebook videos or the Instagram application without having to leave it.

That is, you can not redirect externally and you can see the same, even if you have passed from one conversation to another.

This is a great advance for the application, which facilitates the consequent use of it.

It is important to remember that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all belong to Marck Zuckerberg, who lately has been on everyone’s lips, including the North American congress due to Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook.

Returning to the subject of the latest WhatsApp not only there is news when it comes to mission this type of video content, there are also changes for those who manage groups, which are very popular. The administrator of one can discard other administrators automatically, using the option “discard administrator”.

Not only that, but also administrators can grant permissions when configuring how group information is displayed, so that they can select who changes the description or icon. This prevents any client from making these types of changes.

A few days ago that the messaging app was in the pillory for a bug that disabled the program itself, and in which customers were invited to not press a black circle that appeared, although the consequences were not at all disastrous .

All this has motivated WhatsApp to strive to build an increasingly functional application that can be at least as good as Telegram. That should be noted that WhatsApp sweeps in terms of number of users


Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone-00

The best iPhone applications of 2017

The best iPhone applications of 2017

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

If you have an iPhone for sure you will have the latest applications or those that you like or use the most

Next we will relate all those, including games, that have been top in this year either downloaded or by success.

1 – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

This is a fascinating and highly successful game with which Nintendo captivated the fans this year with a great dose of nostalgia in the form of a country game.

2 – Astro Mail

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

There are several applications that can replace the native iOS, but Astro has risen more strongly. He is able to remember your most habitual gestures and keep them always at hand.

3 – Ballz

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

It is a very simple game that consists of using the balls to hit the bricks. However, it requires the necessary strategy, almost impossible, to stop playing.

4 – Clips

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

It is the Apple app to prepare your videos and surprise those who see them. Is very complete.

5 – Halide

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

This app offers you complete manual control over exposure, focus, ISO, white balance and shutter speed with controls based on simple gestures in order to emulate the reel cameras.

6 – HQ – Live Trivia Game

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

It is the combination of live video, cash prizes and a charismatic host. It is a very funny game.

7 – IKEA Place

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

The Swedish giant of furniture and decoration has launched this application that with the use of augmented reality you can see how it will be what you buy for your home.

8 – Super Mario Run

Las mejores aplicaciones para Iphone

Nintendo made the Super Mario Run, a classic brought to the iPhone with various adventures.

Nuevos Iphone para el 2018-02

The iPhone of 2018 will have more battery

The iPhone of 2018 will have more battery

Since the release of the iPhone X there have been many predictions that are being prepared for next year. This time the news comes from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities.

Nuevos Iphone tendrán más batería

One of the toughest criticisms that has been awarded to Apple’s flagship is its battery, actually double, with a capacity of 2716mAh. It is thought that next year there will be an L-shaped battery, developed by LG Chem, it would be a cell, more efficient and with 10 percent more capacity, that is, 2900 and 3000 mAh.

The “Achilles heel” of the Californian company is that the amount of mAh that the battery is capable of giving. It should be noted that it has greatly increased the functionalities of the terminals, but has left the capacity of its battery stagnant.

The Apple company, in addition to the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones, plans to release a 6.1-inch LCD model for the next year. According to KGI news this terminal will probably retain the rectangular design of the battery as a way to save on the cost and an increase in overall capacity is expected.

KGI predicts that Apple will introduce three new iPhone for next year:

1 – a 5.8-inch OLED models

2 – a 6.5-inch OLED model

3 – a 6.1-inch LCD model.

Kuo also explained that next year’s terminals will support 5G technology, improved connectivity and there would be a Face ID biometric system on all of their smartphones.

Nuevos Iphone tendrán más batería

The 6.1-inch LCD model is intended to be a terminal that does not cost an awful lot and therefore Apple would dispense with wireless charging because it would give a metal back and remove the glass, as they do have the models of this year.

This is just rumors and analysis of what can happen, we will have to wait until next year to see what happens

OnePlus 5T lanza su nuevo terminal

The OnePlus 5T will feature a limited edition of Star Wars

The OnePlus 5T will feature a limited edition of Star Wars

OnePlus 5T lanza su nuevo terminal

In OnePlus they have always prided themselves on being different from the rest, and with the new limited edition of their OnePlus 5T they were not going to be less.

The brand will launch a special edition of the Star Wars movie that will please all fans of the saga, as long as they are on the side of the empire.

The device has some red finishes present in the Star Wars logo, these will be on the back of the Smartphone or on the power button, very consistent with the tonality of the dark side of the force.

The phone that has no change in internal specifications and will be officially released in India next December 14 to coincide with the week of the premiere of the new installment of the saga “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

What I could add as a novelty is some kind of customization at the software level

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung advances the launch of S9

Samsung advances the launch of S9

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

The iPhone X is always at the top of the technology covers. It is a terminal that does not stop offering us news, either because it tries to violate the Face ID, for its price, for the fragile of its chromed frame, etc.

The Samsung company is its main competitor and does not seem to be so worried about making ads to try to ridicule the Cupertino brand. On the contrary, it is making high-level tactical moves, such as advancing the launch of its next Samsung Galaxy S9 for the month of January 2018.

Learn all the news of the launch and sale of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and share the news with the download of WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 plus and read articles of technological novelties in our blog

Koreans and also the LG company from the same country due to the good level of sales and acceptance of Apple’s flagship device have caused it to rethink the issue.

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

Everything indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 advance their presentation for the month of January, aiming to keep the iPhone X in check to be considered the main rival to beat.

The competition is very fierce and the estimates of the American could be taken into account to the downside.

According to information both Samsung and LG would be the first devices to assemble the next generation of Qualcomm 845 SOC processors. The G7 will have an OLED screen of unprecedented dimensions and a new technology of scanning fingerprints.

Other news points out that Samsung would be giving up biometric technologies in favor of a generic fingerprint scanner that would be better positioned in the back of the terminal.

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

There is movement and some nervousness is noted, may have underestimated the options of the iPhone X device presented on September 12 and has output prices of 1159 and 1329 euros respectively.

We hope that the Christmas period will pass to see if these predictions are met or not, and to do so would be an unprecedented move for the market of high-end terminals

Dos SIM para los proximos terminales

It is possible that the next iPhone has Dual SIM

 It is possible that the next iPhone has Dual SIM

Dos SIM para los proximos terminales

Apparently Cupertino has heard one of the requests that has been more demanded by iOS customers: at least one of the iPhone models of 2018 will have dual SIM, that is, two slots to be able to place two cards of different operators. This is what the popular KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks.

The prolific KGI analyst also said that one of the three models that will go on the market next year 2018 will have a port that will make it possible to use two SIM cards simultaneously.

A few days ago the news was known. The 5G would not arrive next year, the connectivity of the iPhone 2018 would greatly improve, still pending task at Apple.

So much so that the brand new iPhone X terminal capable of sweeping in almost all categories to the rest of flagships on the market, bites the dust brutally in terms of connectivity to the Samsung Galaxy Note8, which almost doubles the speed of data download to obtain the Gigabit for the 600Mbps of the iPhone.

For the next year the Apple company would surprise us with three devices that would adopt the design of the iPhone X with a screen that covers almost the entire screen, getting rid of the notch and the Home button. One of them would have a slot that would allow dual SIM with 4G + 4G configuration, that is, with both SIM cards we can reach the maximum data speed regardless of which one we use.

The integration of a Dual-SIM is something that the company Apple as many other brands top of the range had historically resisted, without giving a convincing reason.

GalaxyNote 8 contra Iphone X

Galaxy Note 8 versus iPhone X

Galaxy Note 8 versus iPhone X

GalaxyNote 8 contra Iphone X

They constitute the first two devices in daring to surpass, of exit, the 1000 euros and own part of the most outstanding novelties in the terminals of 2017.

1 – Phone X and Note 8 designs that aim to reduce frames

GalaxyNote 8 contra Iphone X


The clear trend this year is the terminal almost without frames. The iPhone X and Note 8 become the most prominent devices in the design section.

Regarding the dimensional level, the iPhone X has finally reached an excellent level, providing fewer frames than the Note 8.

Something not so positive is the notch or eyebrow that although it happens to be a recognizable element of the iPhone X at the moment is strange and somewhat annoying according to which apps and in video mode as well as the prominence of the camera.

2 – An OLED panel and two ways to pose the screen

The OLED technology is the real protagonist in the Note 8 and the iPhone X. In the latter it changes its perennial IPS panel for an OLED built by Samsung but that has calibrated it and applied its own technologies like True Tone in search of being more natural without losing the attractiveness of the intensity of OLED technology colors.

Regarding size, the Note 8 is 6.3 inches and the iPhone X is 5.8, which makes it possible to take better advantage of the dimensions.

3 – S-Pen versus gestures and Face ID

Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X terminals are the most different in the market when interacting with them.

The Galaxy Note 8 has as its capital element the S-Pen, supported by the software of its layer on Android. Its use is optional.

The iPhone X has the mandatory gesture control due to the loss of the Home button. It has a learning curve

Another big difference between the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8 is the biometric identification system. Apple owns the Face ID and Samsung for now maintains the fingerprint sensor.

4 – The two double reference cameras

Related to the photographic level there is no doubt that we are facing two reference devices. The iPhone X releases the stabilization in the tele lens and the sensors for Face ID can also allow the portrait mode in the selfies camera.

5 – Interior of maximum level and price

As for the interior of both devices, except for details such as the processor, they are very even: similar performance in day to day, battery with a similar behavior a priori, wireless charging, 64 GB of internal storage with the basic model, etc.

At launch they were similar: 1010 euros on Note 8 and 1159 euros on iPhone X

Whatsapp beta-01

WhatsApp Beta is updated for Android

WhatsApp Beta is updated for Android

About a year ago whtasapp has a beta program of the Android application, incorporating the latest news before being implemented in the stable version. Thus, customers who are part of the program receive before the rest the features that Facebook incorporates into its messaging application par excellence.

WhatsApp has released version 2.17.409 of the app, hence we have to appreciate what are the improvements and new features that come to the most used messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp 2.17.409 Beta

Today began to be released to update globally through Google Play. It comes full of improvements and small changes that improve improving some aspects of the messaging tool.

Whatsapp beta

1 – As has been announced through WABetaInfo, the emoji collection has been updated in its entirety. The WhatsApp app has redesigned one of the great forgotten: the heart emoji. From now on whenever we send a message with only one heart, the giant emoji will have the new design introduced a few weeks ago.

2 – another change is in the Real Time Location functionality that arrived at the application in mid-October. From now on, whenever a contact shares its location with us, it can be accessed through Google Maps through a new “Get Location” button that will appear when clicking on its profile image.

3 – this is the most useful option introduced in the latest beta version of WhatsApp, it is about copying and resubmitting the legend of the received images. Until now it was only possible to send one’s own image, while the legend was lost along the way.

4 – WhatsApp continues to improve the profiles of companies and does so by incorporating the “Verified” text next to the name of the profile and the account verification symbol. This will make it easier to identify the profiles that belong to companies and professionals.

So far it is unknown when the update of the stable version that incorporates all these developments to the app will arrive.

If you want to access the WhatsApp test program, you will only have to access the Google Play page for that purpose, accept the terms and download the app from the store itself.