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Can You have 2 WhatsApp on an iPhone without Jailbreak?

Can You have 2 WhatsApp on an iPhone without Jailbreak?

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Can you have curiosity at some point in your life to have two accounts of WhatsApp: one for the family and friends and another for the job. However until now you cannot have the same application installed two times.
Below we give you the necessary instructions to have your two accounts of WhatsApp in the same iPhone without you having to have Jailbreak or dual SIM. To do this you must have a different number to assign to the second app.
1. Before installing WhatsApp …
You must download the application TutuApp on your iPhone and would work just as the App Store. The difference is that gives us free apps and apps that we would find in the Apple App Store.
Follow these steps from your iPhone to install the store TutuApp:
1. Enter the page deTutuApp , you click on the tab labeled “Regular” that is in the upper right area.
2. Click on Download Now.
3. Click where it says “Click to immediate”.
4. Tap Install and ready. From the Home screen you can see how the application is installed.
2. Grants permissions to TutuApp
Before using the app you have to grant the permissions that will ensure the operating system that this is a secure application and reliable. To do this you’ll do the following:
1. Go to the settings for the iPhone.
2. You tap in general.
3. Tap the option device management.
4. You click in Guangzhou Yingnuo Information and you give the permissions by tapping on trust.
This is done you can now proceed to install WhatsApp in your terminal.
3. Installing WhatsApp
To install it you just need to do the following:
1. When you’re in TutuApp, pagers WhatsApp in the search bar.
2. Install it as you would with an application from the App Store.
3. Allows the app is installed on your iPhone.
When is already installed the app on your mobile, open it and set it up as if it were the app journal.

WhatsApp gives us extra features

WhatsApp not only allows you to add a new account to your terminal, you can customize the app how want: change the color of the application, add topics, change the configuration of the stories.
The application is not complicated to use. The interface is almost similar to the WhatsApp journal.


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