Chat apps

WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and others chat apps

Compare the different versions of my instant messaging and chat PC, Samsung Smartphone, mobile devices and different options to install WhatsApp for iPad rivals or different chat applications such as Line for iPad, Line apps, apps Line and different functions, games ipad and other accessories.

If you do not have a smartphone or mobile phone and want to chat with friends or family, you can learn how to install WhatsApp on your computer, following the tutorials Whatsapp download for PC or Android emulator fanpage Bluestacks app player.

WhatsApp for PC

Not everyone has the good fortune to buy a Smartphone of last generation as the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S7. I personally i was chatting with WhatsApp from my PC for a year. WhatsApp for PC Download and install the chat app on your PC for chatting at incredible speed, plus enjoy chats big screen and with the convenience of writing with a computer keyboard. The only drawback is that if you go out you can not view your chats or messages received. But really, when you get used you are fun and practical mut.

Visit of page in English or in Spanish web and conoceras another way to chat with WhatsApp from your computer or laptop and quit relying on your mobile or Smartphone, while staying in touch with your friends.

Do not miss your friends, comunicate!

Enjoy your friends in person when you are with them and chat with them only when you can not see them. It is advice that my best friend gave me to see how all groups of friends are walking watching mobile barely paid attention between them.

Applications as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber or Telegram is a fun and practical tools, but are harming relations couples and friends. Do not let talk to your friends face to face, leaves the phone aside, enjoy the company of your family. Let us not lose communication, make good use of chat apps.


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