Instagram is updated to iOS

Instagram has released a new update for devices with operating system iOS of Apple. With her, Instagram has made available to its users, two new filters, which will be the delight of the most instagramers. If you want to see other sections of this page or the last post you can go to the main page of Whatsapp for Samsung.


Users of Instagram have two new tools

More than 300 million people use daily with this social network of photography, in which anyone can make and share your creative photos using your account with people from all over the world. Anyway, Instagram is not satisfied with only 300 million users, and that is why, that frequently updates its versions for that the finishing touches that can make the users in the photos, each time will be wider and as well the photos more showy.

With this new update, have introduced two new creative tools with which you can experience, optimize and edit your pictures.


 Below i detail these two new tools for Instagram

  • One of them is the COLOR tool, with which you can add a color overlay in the darker colors and in the most clear, giving a uniform tone of color to the photograph.
  • The second novelty is the tool of Attenuating, set your pictures as if from an old film is concerned.


 It is usually looking for contrasts in creative and original photographs, but the experts in marketing also have taken advantage of this social network, since it is used by eminent personalities and famous people of different areas, such as athletes, musicians, actors… by publicizing its creativity. It must be borne in mind that all the pictures you have the option of putting a title to your photo, as well as hashtag ( # ). All your followers can react, as well as the more than 300 million users in the event that you have your account opened for the entire world. There is that you can also upload videos of 15 seconds duration and edit them as easily as the pictures.

No doubt, in the not too distant future, Instagram will be one of the most important social network in photographs.

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