Dos SIM para los proximos terminales

It is possible that the next iPhone has Dual SIM

 It is possible that the next iPhone has Dual SIM

Dos SIM para los proximos terminales

Apparently Cupertino has heard one of the requests that has been more demanded by iOS customers: at least one of the iPhone models of 2018 will have dual SIM, that is, two slots to be able to place two cards of different operators. This is what the popular KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks.

The prolific KGI analyst also said that one of the three models that will go on the market next year 2018 will have a port that will make it possible to use two SIM cards simultaneously.

A few days ago the news was known. The 5G would not arrive next year, the connectivity of the iPhone 2018 would greatly improve, still pending task at Apple.

So much so that the brand new iPhone X terminal capable of sweeping in almost all categories to the rest of flagships on the market, bites the dust brutally in terms of connectivity to the Samsung Galaxy Note8, which almost doubles the speed of data download to obtain the Gigabit for the 600Mbps of the iPhone.

For the next year the Apple company would surprise us with three devices that would adopt the design of the iPhone X with a screen that covers almost the entire screen, getting rid of the notch and the Home button. One of them would have a slot that would allow dual SIM with 4G + 4G configuration, that is, with both SIM cards we can reach the maximum data speed regardless of which one we use.

The integration of a Dual-SIM is something that the company Apple as many other brands top of the range had historically resisted, without giving a convincing reason.


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