Novedades de IOS

OS 11.4 brings you the last five news

OS 11.4 brings you the last five news

Novedades de IOS

The Apple company has released the update 11.4 and thus has launched the not surprising iOS 12. For many it is a small step of the previous update, however it has certain improvements that will make you want to update your terminal from this moment .

Here we relate the five most fascinating features with which iOS has wanted to surprise us in its version 11.4, making known the improvements in its features.

1 – Messages are supported in iCloud

Novedades de IOS

The loss of information has always been one of our biggest fears if we lose our terminal or have to format it. With the arrival of iCloud we could keep our files safe, except for the messages.

But this has changed since iOS 11.4 is presented with a functionality to synchronize Messages with iCloud. This means that not only will we have a secure backup of our conversations in the Apple cloud, but they will also be available in all the terminals that we have connected with the same ID.

To activate it when you have iOS 11.4 will be very simple, you must go to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Message Switch.

2 – Unique wallpapers

Novedades de IOS

The new screen protectors of version 11.4 are prized for all the resolution of the screens of the new dterminles iOS., Shown first as part of the RED line of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

To activate them you will only have to search for a new wallpaper in Settings> Wallpaper> Images

3 – Airplay 2 with stereo for HomePod

Novedades de IOS

With Airplay 2 you can fuse two Home Pod speakers for multi-channel playback, now with support for stereo sound.

The new version of Airplay included in iOS 11.4 will allow you to play HomePod speakers individually, with the same or different content. In addition to coming with integration with Siri, which may be asked to play any music in any room we want.

4 – Support for ClassKit

Novedades de IOS

The Apple company introduced ClassKit, a tool to help teachers discover multimedia activities for their classes. According to the company, the idea is to take the students to the appropriate activities in a single touch, maintaining privacy and security.

From now on with the SchoolWork app integrated in iOS 11.4 it is much easier for teachers to manage their classroom and for students to control their assignments from their iPads.

5 – General Improvements

iOS 11.4 rectifies many problems including the famous “black dot” bug with which the terminal could be frozen, either an iPad or an iPhone, with a simple combination of emojis.

On the other hand iOS 11.4 has fixes for iMessages, CarPlay and others. In conclusion iOS 11.4 is a small update, which you want and should have right now on your Apple terminal.


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