Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung advances the launch of S9

Samsung advances the launch of S9

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

The iPhone X is always at the top of the technology covers. It is a terminal that does not stop offering us news, either because it tries to violate the Face ID, for its price, for the fragile of its chromed frame, etc.

The Samsung company is its main competitor and does not seem to be so worried about making ads to try to ridicule the Cupertino brand. On the contrary, it is making high-level tactical moves, such as advancing the launch of its next Samsung Galaxy S9 for the month of January 2018.

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Koreans and also the LG company from the same country due to the good level of sales and acceptance of Apple’s flagship device have caused it to rethink the issue.

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

Everything indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 advance their presentation for the month of January, aiming to keep the iPhone X in check to be considered the main rival to beat.

The competition is very fierce and the estimates of the American could be taken into account to the downside.

According to information both Samsung and LG would be the first devices to assemble the next generation of Qualcomm 845 SOC processors. The G7 will have an OLED screen of unprecedented dimensions and a new technology of scanning fingerprints.

Other news points out that Samsung would be giving up biometric technologies in favor of a generic fingerprint scanner that would be better positioned in the back of the terminal.

Nuevo terminal Samsung Galaxy S9

There is movement and some nervousness is noted, may have underestimated the options of the iPhone X device presented on September 12 and has output prices of 1159 and 1329 euros respectively.

We hope that the Christmas period will pass to see if these predictions are met or not, and to do so would be an unprecedented move for the market of high-end terminals


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