Samsung already has 5G technology

With a transmission rate of 7.5 gigabits per second, Samsung is the head of technology with the 5G that is 30 times faster than the 4G

The south Korean Samsung have become to be the first to bring new technologies that in a not very near future will be used by the users of mobile telephony, as well as the users of mobile devices.

Samsung already has 5G technology

In the Movile World Congress held in Barcelona the first week of the month of March, the South Korea’s Samsung Electronics brand was pulled out of the pocket a letter with the presentation of the technology of fifth generation commonly called 5G by ensuring that multiplied by 30 the current technology used for mobile telephony networks 4G.

A partner for Samsung

Samsung and SK Telecom have partnered to the promotion of such technology called more technically “millimetre wave technology”. In his press conference, the two directors of the two companies were assured that the transfer speed of the 5G is 7.5Gbps (gigabytes per second), beating a lot of speed of the current transfer of data. This new technology works between frequency bands 30 and 300 GHz, this makes the data transfer is multiply by thirty, since the current technology works in bands below 6 GHz.

Samsung already has 5G technology

United by the technology

In the communiqué, ensured that they were going to continue working on I D (research and development) to be the first to provide this technology to users of mobile devices, to emerge as world leaders and ensure millions of customers.

Samsung already has 5G technology

In a short time the 5G will be released to the market and it is surely that is the hand of SK Telecom with the much more than collaboration of the South Korea’s Samsung, that has helped, and much to develop this technology.

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