Samsung Internet for Android

Samsung Internet for Android

Version 4 of Internet Samsung has a few new features and exciting

S7 Edge, S7, Note5, S6 Edge +, S6 Edge, S6, active S6, Note 4, S5, S5 Neo, active S5, S5 Sports, S5 LTE A, Note 3, S4, S4 Duos, S4 Active, S4 LTE A , A7, A8, A5X, A7x, and A9X with Android 5.0 or higher.

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Keep the navigation security and privacy into their own hands. Samsung Secret Internet Mode will help you protect your security and privacy while browsing the web. Accessible only after user authentication, secretly, never reveal navigation data. You can opt for the use of fingerprint authentication when entering secretly for greater security.

More comfortable

Samsung Internet gives you less visual clutter in your everyday browsing. Leverages content blocking extensions to free their content websites unnecessary.

NOTE: Samsung does not provide Internet content blocking filters; separate applications for these filters need to be installed.

Better integrated with Samsung devices

The app Samsung Internet aims to provide a consistent customer experience and continuous between different terminals Samsung. Samsung Gear VR internet lets you enjoy web content (including 3D video streaming and 360˚) in an immersive environment. Internet Samsung Android Gear VR are tightly integrated so you can access your favorite web content more easily.



1- Secret Mode : Enabled only under client authentication. The secret way a trail of your navigation data never leaves.

2 – Secure Web Auto Login: On terminals equipped with fingerprint scanners, Samsung Internet gives you a simpler and safer way to access the sites form.

3 – Quick Access Quick Access page lets you visit your favorite sites with one click. The default sites listed are selected based on countries, carriers, etc. to offer a more intimate experience. (You can set homepage)

4 – Cards Content: The content cards are shown on page shortcut, recommends web content dynamically, allowing access useful and interesting content more easily.

5 – Navigation Page: This version known regional terminals page “Top Sites” you can set it as homepage offer easy access to fun and useful sites.

6- Open here and bookmark sync: Sync open tabs and bookmarks with other accounts Smartphone by Samsung or Firefox. With Samsung account, saved pages are also synchronized.

7 – Content Blocker: Install 3rd party applications to allow blocking of content to surf the web with less clutter.

8 – Pop-Up Video: Watch videos online in a popup window to surf the web while playing videos.

9 – Video History: Review videos more easily with the history list video and managed separately. This list is also shared with Samsung Internet for VR gear so you can watch your favorite videos with one click, in a more immersive environment.

10- Promotion Banner Shortcut: Samsung recommends installing Internet shortcut to the sites you visit most often through notification flags.

11- Web Push: Receive push notifications from your favorite websites without installing their native apps.

12- Reader Mode and saved pages: reading mode presents items in a simple layout to be easier to read. The stored page save web pages in the terminal so you can check at your convenience, even when the phone is of line.

13 – Features Spen: Spen Handy features available on the terminals Galaxy Note and can be used to facilitate the scrapping or sharing Web content.

14 – Support KNOX: Samsung KNOX incorporates Internet security policies of the organization to provide access control to the Web.

15- Power Saving Mode Ultra: The Samsung Galaxy terminal provides a power saving mode and ultra emergency mode so that the battery life is extended. Samsung Internet is the only web browser that can be used in these modes.


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