Samsung My Knox

Samsung  My KNOX


My KNOX Samsung’s app provides security, privacy and productivity to your mobile model work. It allows you to securely access work email and apps company Samsung in a personal terminal, in addition to using their mobile safe to search, lock or delete it remotely in case of loss or theft tools.


With My KNOX, you can enter the work email and apps by the company since you absolutely certain device. Personal data and apps are out of this space safe work and are 100% private. All data Samsung My KNOXse have encrypted form eta will be much safer and productive access mail and company applications. You can enjoy all these features without IT administrator should provide support.

Samsung My KNOX is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of enterprise security. In other words: it does not work on terminals with root access or which has run a custom operating system.

My Samsung KNOX creates a safe and productive work space within the device

My Samsung KNOX creates an independent and secure environment in the terminal so you keep it all work-related data. This way you will be assured that will not mix with personal data. Apps that are outside the My KNOX environment can not access data that environment (and vice versa).



1- Comfort: Samsung My KNOX combines two terminals in each allow access to your personal and work data on the same phone

2 – Easy configuration: we have created for professionals, so that any assistance is not required by the IT administrator

3 – Applications for free and effective: My preloaded on Samsung KNOX

4 – Increased security: security hardware and software that provides several layers of projection for the operating system and apps

5- Privacy Mayor: securely isolates data and private apps everyday content.


What’s New

“Folder Organization” is the new default view Samsung My KNOX, her customers can instantly access the most used apps.


1 – “Indispensable as saving me having to carry two devices and security architecture fits perfectly with our company.”

2 – “It’s a wonderful app. It’s great to be able to guarantee the privacy of my confidential data.”

3 –  “100% recommendable”.

In the User Portal Samsung My KNOX you can manage remotely the terminal:


1- Find Now: if you lose your mobile phone, the Samsung customer portal My KNOX you can locate through Google Maps

2 – Block terminal: if you lose your phone, you can remotely lock it so no one can access it until you recover

3 – Remove device: remotely reset the factory settings Smartphone (all data, not just Samsung My Knox)

4 – Block Knox: remotely lock the environment Samsung My Knox, instead of all mobile

Including applications that promote productivity

My Samsung Knox has other apps mail, calendar, contacts, music, video playback and more. You can add your personal space applications during installation. Preinstalled apps can vary depending on the model and mobile operator.

Visit for more information about products of Samsung Knox. Visit for technical assistance related to Samsung My Knox.


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