Samsung push service

What is Samsung push service


You can verify the installation of the app in ‘Settings> Apps Manager’ once you have downloaded the Samsung push service.

Know novelties and what is Samsung push service

The Samsung push service provides the notification service only for Samsung services (ChatON, Samsung Apps, AllsharePlay, Samsung Wallet, etc.) in terminals Samsung. Example, you will see the new ChatON messages through the pop start ChatON mobile and count new messages are displayed.

what is Samsung push service

If the Samsung push service is suppressed, you can not receive new messages notification.

The Samsung push service provides you with the following services

– The new message appears in the pop-up window
– The distinctive new message is displayed on the application icon
– The new message is displayed in the notification bar
With the Samsung push service you will have a fast and accurate service notification.

What is Samsung push service? know ChatOn for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung ChatON (App as WhatsApp for Samsung)

The apps messages have completely changed our lives. We are now accustomed to have our friends and relatives to a single click away with the programs of mobile messaging. We can easily tell if they are connected or available to talk and we can keep with them a conversation, although they are in any part of the world. There are several chat applications in the market, but in this article we can tell you the reasons why ChatON, the messaging service from Samsung, is one of the most complete and competes directly with the app of the messaging more known as WhatsApp. In this page you can have more information of this app and the cheatsĀ of WhatsApp.

ChatON vs Whatsapp for Samsung

Chat is so common that the majority of dictionaries in different languages have decided to include the word Chat in their dictionaries, such as the Royal Academy of the Spanish language that, since only a few months ago, has decided to include the word chat in the Dictionary of the Spanish Language and appears in the printed edition from the year 2014.

ChatON created by Samsung

push service Samsung ChatON

ChatON is a global communication service created by Samsung that has some advantages:
Has the endorsement of the Samsung technology – allows you to send instantly texts, images
You can also send handwritten notes and videos
And one of its main functions are the talks in group, share content and conversations between mobile and PC.

You can do with ChatON

We will detail a small list of functions of ChatON

  • ChatON lets you send texts, images, videos, handwritten notes, or even fun drawings
  • With ChatON you can send messages of animation to your contacts for free and immediate
  • ChatON is completely free, you can download ChatON and use the app for free
  • ChatON lets you chat from your PC through the web version. Allows you to send messages from your computer to your contacts from your phone you have the application and completely free of charge
  • ChatON is a service application platform that is available for Android devices, Bada, iOS and BlackBerry, works perfectly between all these operating systems for Smartphone, because this app is multiplatform
  • You can use the app in mp4 or tablets. To activate the app you only need a mobile number. When installing ChatON will ask you for a number of mobile phone. Once installed you can use the app with connection 3G or WiFi to keep your conversations
  • The display is much more customizable than the other messaging services, because you can change the wallpaper and the types of conversations
  • The app works in more than 100 countries and in more than 60 languages, to ensure access to ChatON the largest number of users, from any part of the world

Download ChatON and enjoys one of the best apps of messaging for your Samsung Galaxy.


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