Samsung Smart Camera App

Samsung Smart Camera App

Samsung Camera

The Samsung SMART CAMERA app is the new app for smart terminals, has integrated three apps to save time and effort.

While using your Samsung SMART CAMERA camera, the app will connect to the smart device automatically for convenience. You can start three SMART CAMERA apps (AutoShare, MobileLink, and Remote Viewfinder) from the smart terminal with one touch.

This application has 3 characteristics to keep in mind:

Samsung Camera

1 – You can only connect to Samsung camera models manufactured in 2013 or later. (Galaxy NX, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4, Galaxy NX, Galaxy NX, Galaxy NX, Galaxy NX, Galaxy NX, Galaxy NX)

2 – You can use the app on Android terminals with resolutions of WVGA or higher that operate with the operating system Android 3.0 or higher.

3 – Some Android terminals do not have this app. If the connection is unstable with the Jelly Bean version 4.3 or above, go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Advanced, and disable the Automatically switch between networks option. This feature allows the terminal to ignore Wi-Fi networks Not available or access points with weak signals.

The menu title may vary depending on the manufacturer or service provider.

Samsung CameraKnow more information of Smart Tutor with Samsung Galaxy.



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