Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile


Smart Switch gives you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, terminal settings and much more to your mobile Galaxy new, with Smart Switch you can find your apps preferred or te suggests apps similar in Google Play.

Who can perform the transfer?

Samsung-Smart-Mobile1 – The owners of Android, wireless transfer of terminal to terminal or wire transfer from your mobile phone Android to your Galaxy
2 – The owner of iOS, wire transfer from your terminal iOS to your Galaxy or import from iCloud or transfer of PC/Mac using iTunes
3 – The owners of BlackBerry or wireless transfer of mobile to mobile or wire transfer from your terminal BlackBerry to your Galaxy
4 – The owners of Window Phone or wireless transfer of device to device.

What can I transfer?

Contacts, Calendar (only content of mobile), messages, pictures, music (only content without DRM, not compatible with iCloud), videos (only content without DRM), call logs, notes, alarms, Wi-Fi settings, funds of screen, documents, data of apps (only terminals Galaxy) and designs of Home screen (only terminals Galaxy). You can send data from apps and designs of the Home screen updating your terminal galaxy to the OS version M (Galaxy S6 or higher).
Note: Smart Switch analyzes and transfers the contents stored in the terminal and from the SD card (if used).

What is necessary to transfer?

1- Transfers of Android or wireless transfer between mobile Galaxy: Android 4.0 or higher, wire transfer: Android 4.3 or higher, charger cable and a USB cable OTG , transfers from a mobile Android supports up terminal Galaxy: Android 4.0 or higher (Mobile Hotspot) (see the list of supported models below).

2 – Transfer of iOS or wire transfer: iOS 5.0 or higher, terminal cable iOS (Lightning or 30 pins) and a USB cable OTG, transfers of iCloud: iOS 4.2.1 or higher and Apple ID or transfers of iTunes: software for PC/Mac Smart

3 – Transfer of BlackBerry or wireless transfer: BlackBerry with OS 7 or 10 (Point of Mobile Access) or wire transfers: BlackBerry with OS 7 or 10 for transfers via USB cable OTG.

4 – Transfer of Windows Phone or wireless transfer: Windows with OS 8.1

What terminals are supported?

1 – Galaxy – all mobile terminals and tablets Galaxy recent (since Galaxy S2)
Note: For Galaxy S2, the version of the OS (GB/ICS) above may be incompatible. If your S2 does not work correctly, try again after updating the firmware

2 – Android: the terminal must support the USB option of Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to be able to transmit data using a USB cable OTG).

3 –  HTC®: J, One/X/X+/S/SV/V/M8, Proto, Butterfly, Desire X/XC/500(506e), EVO 4G LTE, INFOBAR A02, ThunderBolt, One M9, Desire 526/612

4-  LG®: Optimus G/G Pro/G2/G3/G4/LTE/4X HD/ LIFE/it/Vu/Vu2/L5 II/L5 II Dual/L7 II Dual/L9, Lucid 4G, G Flex, isai, isai VL, PRADA phone, Nexus 4/5, V10, Lancet, G Vista, Flex2

5 –  Sony®: Xperia Z/Z Ultra/Z1/Z2/Z3/Z. Compact/A/A2/ZL2/UL/V/VL/SX/GX/E/E Dual/Go/NX/AX/TL, acro HD/acro S.

6 –  Huawei: T8951, C8813, Ascend/G510/G520/D2, Stream 201HW, A199 (china), Honor 6/6+/7, P7, P8, P8 Lite, Mate7, Maimang4, Ascend Y300, Mate8

7 –  Motorola®: DROID RAZR MINI(M)/Razr HD/Razr Maxx, ATRIX III, Moto G, Moto X, Droid Turbo2/Maxx2/Mini.

8 –  RIM : BlackBerry Priv


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