Samsung TV and remote controls

Samsung TV and remote controls

Samsung TVThe app Samsung TV& remote controls has the following features:

Samsung TVI – New and Enhanced Features
1 – New Master Page: has increased the area of the promotion, as well as its main features and links to the TV SUHD mobile site of SUHD (model of reference).

2 – Image Gallery (catalog): Offers a catalog of images to connect with the client from a point of view more emotional.

3 – Most Viewed – teaches the 10 most viewed products of each country in the main page allowing you access more easily to detailed information of the most popular products.

Samsung TV4 – New User Interface: custom features (models seen recently and favorites) that are integrated into the main menu allowing their access, in addition has been added a menu of cross selling and has shifted to the right a list of similar models.

5 – Product Details Page enhanced: the product details page enhanced is now displayed in their entirety and has incorporated a gallery with the “Zoom” function.

6 – AV products complementary: recommends a product video and audio (sound bar) that is complemented with the model of TV that sought to improve cross-selling. Recommended superior products and comparison, as well as models of higher degree in the comparison page and increases the opportunity to cross-sell and the possibility of comparison with other tvs following the logic of the recommendation of sale of superior products.

II – Buy Now

Samsung TV
1 – No connection: locates the shops and shows the location of the shops near based on the location of the client to encourage him to visit one of our businesses and make a purchase. Is not available in all countries.

2 – online: Buy now. Touching the Buy Now button on the tab page technique of a product is load a page of information electronic merchants that provide the product, its prices and also has direct links to the pages of purchase of e-commerce. Is not available in all countries.

III – TV Remote Control SAMSUNG: Available only in Galaxy S4 or higher with Android Kitkat 4.4 or higher.

Samsung TVUse guide
Minimum requirements: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher
Recommended: Top to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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