Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Smart Switch Samsung

Smart Switch Samsung is one app that lets you more easily copy all the information from your old to new. There are two versions of Smart Wwitch a terminal: Smart Switch Mobile and one for computers: Smart Switch.

Smart Switch Mobile Samsung

You can install the app on your smartphone Samsung Smart Switch Mobile. Data transfer between terminals Galaxy will take place in a few steps.

03 Smart Switch for windows

Backups with Samsung Smart Switch

With Samsung Smart Switch app backups, restorations and software updates they can be handled from one place. Delight the current Smart Switch. The menu are updated so its use is much better.

dowload Smart Switch

How to download the app ?, you can download Smart Switch Mibile from Galaxy applications or Google Play. Find Smart Switch in either app stores.
Easy connection with a single click: With the app Smart Switch Mobile data transfer easily between the Galaxy terminals, for it must be placed near the mobile less than 20 cm and opens the appen both terminals. Then in the antiguodebes mobile selectional: Android device, start and connect. This will allow you to send personal data you have stored on your old Galaxy terminal to your new Galaxy Smartphone connected to it.
With suporte for various functions you can send your personal data such as contacts, calendar, messages, notes. Dotos multimedia as well as other data such as alarm, setting Wifi, recent history and other.


Fast connection and fast data transfer: Open Smart Switch on your PC and connect your Samsung Smartphone using a USB cable. Smart Switch immediately recognize data from your old terminal and begin to copy them to the new mobile.

Simple backup and restore system: Enjoy modern and restore functions backups Smart Switch. With these functions you can perform a backup of all your data to your computer at a time and will also allow very easily restore any data security without complicated configurations. These new features backup and restoration will allow you to copy personal data such as contacts, calendars, notes, messages, photos, videos, call history, alarms, bookmarks and other very easily.


Data synchronization

Data synchronization: With this app you can sync your contacts and calendar between your terminal you with Windows Outlook or Mac Addres Book and iCal. With this clever feature you can very easily arrange your calendar at any time and from wherever you are.

Device Software Update: With the computer version of Smart Switch can update your Smartphone with the latest software. With this terminal you will be more stable and their performance will be much better.



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