Smart Tutor for Samsung Mobile

Smart Tutor for Samsung Mobile

Smart tutor

Smart Guardian is a free service, fast and secure remote support for the tablets and terminals Samsung Galaxy.

With Smart Guardian, an agent technology expert, control in remote your terminal to give solution to their consultations.

At any time you can receive this service through an Internet connection Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G. Once connected to the remote service the agent will be able to diagnose your terminal to resolve the incidents, or improve performance, may request and receive training in how to use the new features of your terminal, the agent technology expert guides you at all times.

As you begin:

Smart tutor
1 – Download the app for free Smart Tutor from Google Play and install in your terminal Galaxy.
2 – Once you have accepted the “Terms and Conditions”, contact the customer service via:
Chat Service:(
Or through the phone number 902.172.678, once asked the service the agent of line, you will be refunded the call without charge to perform the remote service.
3- Enter the 6 digit code that will give you the agent in the box that appears on the screen.
4. Once connected, the agent is going to take control of the terminal, meanwhile you can observe the tasks that are made without access to your personal information or to the apps of personal content without its consent (camera, gallery, Agenda…)
5.- If you want to disconnect the Smart Guardian, please press the button “Disconnect” deploying the Notifications bar at any time.

Benefits of Smart Tutor application

Smart tutor

1 – Security and Trust: do not worry by exposing your private information. Smart Guardian does not allows the agent access to apps with private information from the user, such as the gallery, messages, email and other apps that have a relationship with any type of personal information. Also at all times you will be able to see which tasks are being carried out in your mobile.
2 – comfortable and simple: provides Remote support from our terminal Galaxy, quick and easy simply by using a connection to the internet by 3G/4G or Wi-Fi (Recommended Wi-Fi connection)
3 – Free: the app and the service in itself, does not have any cost for the user, and can be ordered at all times as necessary (even with the equipment out of warranty).

Requirements and notes:

Smart tutor
1 – Smart tutor works with OS Android (greater than Android 2.3.6)
2 – Terminals “Google Experience Device” are not supported, as for example “Galaxy Nexus”
3 – The networks with connection 3G / 4G may have additional charges in accordance to the contract with your phone company that offers the service.

Before connecting, we recommend that you have a Wi-Fi connection to enjoy the remote support free of charge.

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