What’s New in WhatsApp is a search engine for messages unique for iPhone

What’s New in WhatsApp is a search engine for messages unique for iPhone

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La nueva actualización de Whatsapp
WhatsApp has released the update 2.17.50 in the App Store and the novelty that brings is such that when you have you wonder how you ever managed without it so long. 
It is neither more nor less than something as simple as a searcher of messages that will allow you to find in a second that fragment of the conversation that you want to read. You ended up walking by sliding the screen to give with him! 
As is usual in WhatsApp this is a unique feature for iOS. In Android will have to wait a little to be able to enjoy it, although sooner or later will be implemented. 
This is not the only novelty in WhatsApp, in addition to this amazing feature has also incorporated a text format updated so that when you write a message you can press and hold on the text to select it and change the format to bold, italic or strikethrough what will be much easier. 
Also in the description of the news you will find the already classic “solving bugs” that will make you experience with the messaging application more used throughout the world is much more pleasant. 
Let us focus on the most important thing is the search for messages. If you click on each of the chats both individual and group , you can find information related to the conversation: states, shared material, etc. Now you can also press on “Chat search” or “Search” and a bar will appear with a magnifying glass to enter the term you want. 
It will be as a searcher of all life. Once written, the conversation moves to where it appears the word in question, which will be marked in yellow. It is quite simple and intuitive, no? Since then, better late than never


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