WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp Calls: learn how to make WhatsApp calls from the application. Finally it is possible to make WhatsApp calls or free Voip calls from the messaging application. Installs WhatsApp for Samsung and enjoy the free WhatsApp calls.

whatsapp calls

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Calls through WhatsApp already are available only for Android

Since a few weeks ago the best app for mobile instant messaging, the famous WhatsApp has made available to its users free calls using Voip, only for users of the Android operating system. It must be borne in mind that not all phone companies let you make those calls, so that before completing them put yourselves in contact with your company to not grab you a scare with the invoice.

Similarly, tennis to be very careful, because with the output from this option, the more clever have already drawn a malware that the only thing that they seek is wack all the money possible bill Premium messages. It must be remembered that the reception of premium messages are of a very high cost for users of mobile telephony.

Make calls through WhatsApp

Couple to be able to enjoy these calls, so only you have to have installed the latest version of the application installed on your device and, with a little patience you will get the option to call.

  • We will have to have the application installed in our WhatsApp terminal with the latest version 12.2.19 .
  • You will need to have a friend that i call through the app to activate the calls. With this call, you will activate the interface and the new option of call through WhatsApp.
  • When you have the incoming call on the screen of your terminal, don’t take the call, just have to wait a few second for the app to be able to activate the call and after about six seconds, cancels the call.
  • Then close the app WhatsApp by multitasking and reopen WhatsApp, you’ll see how the interface is active, you can make calls using Voip without costing you money.

Will leave you a picture of the interface with the system call already activated.

make whatsapp calls

So are only active calls for the Android operating system, so for those of you who have the Apple operating system, the IOS may have to wait a little more time, as it is rumoured, in brief also iPhone users may have this option on their devices.

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