WhatsApp Cheats

WhatsApp Cheats

Know the best cheats of WhatsApp for Samsung. Learn how to configure all the features of WhatsApp for Samsung and WhatsApp for iPhone.

whatsapp cheats for samsung

If you often use the Apple tablet, learn how to download and install WhatsApp for iPad.

How to prevent the files that are received by WhatsApp will be downloaded automatically

If you are tired of receiving photos, videos and voice messages to your account and see how WhatsApp are automatically downloaded to your smartphone without freeing memory for other applications, because here’s how to release these megabytes who steal these files, so you can save space for other things.

  • We opened the App of WhatsApp and we are going to the settings within the App
  • We click on Chat Settings
  • Once inside, we’re going to the option of Auto-save multimedia files.
  • We now have to click to uncheck the option to Auto-save.

By following these steps you don’t have to be erasing the photos, videos and other files that people send you by WhatsApp and saves megabytes of memory for your Smartphone.

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Download the media files of WhatsApp only when you’re connected to a Wifi network

Your friends send you millions of media files? If the answer is yes, you are sure to have a problems with the megas of downloading your data connection 4G. Here we teach you to save these megas and to decide when it is downloaded.

  • Within the App of WhatsApp we click on the Settings button.
  • Once there, we are looking for the option to Chat Settings.

whatsapp cheats

  • within these settings there are several paragraphs, but we are going to Auto-Download multimedia.

whatsapp cheat

  • click, we find the different options for downloading media files. We can individually select the file type, either on an image, video or audio, in order to select the form of download. The different options are: Never, Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi and mobile data.

whatsapp tricks

  • Now it is your choice how to download media files from your WhatsApp sent by your friends.

If you don’t want to be without megs of download of your data connection 4G, you select the option for Wi-Fi , it would only be downloaded if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. I your social life is very intense, the best is to download files over Wi-Fi, you’ll save in the invoices of data and megabytes of internal memory of your Smartphone.

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