Whatsapp for iPad

WhatsApp Messenger instant messaging application with more users around the world can also be downloaded on the iPad. Download WhatsApp for iPad and communicate with all your friends.

Whatsapp for ipad

In this site we explain how you can download free Whatsapp on your iPad. Meet some of the tricks WhatsApp, and make WhatsApp calls for free, along with other functions of instant messaging app. Compare the new features in this application and discover the advantages and differences Line for iPad.

WhatsApp can download both the iPad and in the Mini iPad. WhatsApp can download both the iPad and the iPad Mini. Besides all the information you can find on this site it is valid for future versions of the tablet of the Apple brand.

There are two ways to download and install Whatsapp for iPad, and we will explain both easy and understandable.

To download Whatsapp for iPad we can make it through Whatspad and also directly from the PC.

Whatsapp for ipad with large keyboard

Do not hesitate and download Whatsapp for iPad as soon as possible to enjoy this application and chat and send messages to your contacts and groups of friends. Besides enjoy this app on the mobile device that allows us to use the new features on the big screen, and the convenience of a keyboard large.

From now on, when you download WhatsApp for iPad, you can also send and receive voice messages.

WhatsApp for iPad How to Download through Whastpad

In order to download Whatsapp for iPad through Whatspad, before all, we have to install the Jailbreakapplication on the device. This Jailbreak App is necessary for us to install applications that are not available in the App Store.

Later we download Whatsapp from the software installer V-Share.

Once already installed Whatsapp for iPad, we have that installed the Whatsapp application, which we find in the Big Boss Cydia repo.

When both applications are already installed, Whatsapp and Whatspad, we will restart our iPad. And after restarting the iPad we have to open Whatsapp.

When you open the Whatsapp, this app we request a valid phone number that must be different from that we use in our iPhone or Smartphone.

After that, we will receive an SMS message to the valid phone number that have us supplied Whatsapp, where will indicate the code that we will put to work Whatsapp application on our iPad.

whatsapp for ipad and others apps of chat

From now Whatsapp on a iPad is ready and prepared to use it and chat with whoever we want. You are part of the 300 million users around the world that have this application, whether on iPad devices, such as iPhone, Android, Tablet, Blackberry, Nokia or PC.

As you see, the entire download and installation process is very easy. Download this app on the iPad and send messages to your friends.

As already mentioned, there is another way to download Whatsapp iPad and this is through the PC. Click on the link Whatsapp for iPad PC and you will see on the next page the steps you have to follow to download and install this application via computer.

Whatsapp incorporates new features such as the ability to send voice messages, and also incorporates a video editor

Download Whatsapp on a iPad without Jailbreak

To download and install Whatsapp on iPad without Jailbreak, we need the official version of WhatsApp for iOS and a tool that allows us to backup our devices such as iTunes or iTools.

Then we download and install WhatsApp on iPhone and we checked the phone number you will use on the iPad. We made a copy of the iPhone application on the PC, which has to have the number registered in the application.

The next step is to connect your iPad to PC and move the backup we have done before in the iPad where we want to install Whatsapp.

We carry out the installation process and then tried the app on the iPad to see if it works correctly. In case you want to register a different phone number, we can delete the application from the iPhone.

Download Whatsapp on a iPod Touch without Jailbreak

First of all, we know that the iPod must support Whatsapp application to be installed.

To download and install Whatsapp on an iPod Touch without Jailbreak we perform the same steps as we did in the iPad. Namely, we download Whatsapp from the App Store and install it on the iPhone.

Subsequently, we registered a phone number that we will use in our iPod.

We performed a backup of the application from iPhone to PC via iTunes. We connect the iPod to the PC and pass the backup we have done above.

We tested the application on the iPod Touch to see if it works. Now we can delete the Whatsapp application on the iPhone if the phone isn’t ours or if we want to register a different number.

Install Whatsapp for iPad with iOS 7

To install the Whatsapp application on an iPad with the new iOS 7 operating system need to have iTunes, iFunbox or iTools or any other program that allows the installation of applications, and also have Jailbreak.


First, connect the iPad to the PC and enter in Cydia where we select the Big Boss repository.

We search WhatsPad tweak and proceed with the installation. This tweak allows us we can use Whatsapp on a device with Wi-Fi.

Then we connect to iTunes with our account and downloaded Whatsapp.


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