Whatsapp going for the video-calls

It is about a new tool for WhatsApp

The rumours now that WhatsApp has the calls using Voip completely free, are all very good for users, since in different media have hinted that in the not too distant future, we will have our scope video-calls for that if you had any intention of changing their instant messaging app, be sure to have it. Install Whatsapp for Samsung and enjoy the new featrures.

Video Calls in whatsapp for samsung

These rumours tell that WhatsApp has been for some time now working on this issue. If we go into details, it is even rumoured that the employees of WhatsApp are already being tested internally.

First were the phones with the Android operating system that had the privilege of being able to enjoy your calls using VoIP in a manner that is totally free and now are the users of Apple operating system, the IOS that in a progressive way van to be able to use this service.

The video-call also will be free

Since then, this is not a novelty, as there are several applications for mobile devices that already have this tool as are Line or cablegram from for a long time and have done users migrate to WhatsApp to these applications.

The video-call also will be free- whatsapp samsung

Since Facebook bought this app, it has not ceased to give surprises, from the tics of reading of messages, so far the free calls. But since then that WhatsApp has not been left with their arms crossed, because now the rumors are that in the not too distant future be added a new tool to the App more famous of the world.

These rumours come from among others of a web page of technology called The Rem, which is hinted that are already being tested the betas of the video-calls among its own employees of the company. Stress that it also commented that these video-calls also would be free if the receiver and sender WhatsApp used the app, and the most surprising thing is that would list the new update with this tool for the month of May.

Whatsapp going for the video-calls

Competition is tough, but…

If so, the intention of WhatsApp is of fighting to remove users to other applications that have the same services, why Apple with its FaceTime, Hangoust of Google and Skype himself, pretending to look at the steps that is giving WhatsApp to avoid so customers to migrate to this application.


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