WhatsApp without phone number

Uses WhatsApp without phone number and Removes the WhatsApp your profile image

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WhatsApp without phone number

You know you can use the application of WhatsApp without attaching a phone number? The answer is yes, if you can use this app without having to use your phone number. Here we teach you the steps to follow to do so.

Removes the WhatsApp your profile image

  • The first step is the remove of the system the app WhatsApp, bone, uninstall the app saving the photos and videos that interest you to not lose them.
  • Restart your phone and verifies that the app has been completely eliminated. It is a good idea to run any application type Master Clean to clear the cache and ram to avoid crossing data with the new installation of WhatsApp.
  • Installs of new l the app WhatsApp.
  • Put your Smartphone in airplane mode to avoid that is connected to the internet.
  • Opens the app and add your mobile number. With this step we want to do is that the app does not send the verification message to the server of WhatsApp for registration. For this reason, we give you the option of an alternative registration, you’ll need to choose “check through SMS”. Enter your email and sends the request for registration. Very very important to act quickly followed by having sent the request, give him the “cancel” button, I repeat, “send” button and then “cancel” button very quickly to finalize the registration process.
  • Now Installs Spoof Text Message for Android devices.
  • Opens your email and copy the message details in the app to distort. Send these details to the counterfeit verification.
  • Use of these data of your counterfeit message

You can get phone numbers mobil with virtual online services such as FonYou that will help you to activate your account of WhatsApps


FROM: +(country code) (phone number)

Message: Your e-mail address.

  • Doing this, it sends a message to that unknown number for the registration, you can use this number substitute of yours.

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Removes the WhatsApp your profile image

Privacy in WhatsApp is something that many is concerned, not all users want it to be the public image to display in your profile. Girlfriends, friends, even strangers that delving into your intimacies and that is not pleasant for anyone, that is why we teach you to hide your profile image.

Uses WhatsApp without phone number

  • Seek on the app store’s application WhatsApp Plus since with this app you’ll have the option to hide the profile photo. Keep in mind that there are many app’s with this name, tries to find the most reliable and download of large retail stores and downloading App’s.
  • You can hide your profile photo, as well as those of your friends and even anonymous start conversations with your friends.




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